Three Home Maintenance Tips for Your New Las Vegas Home

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Although Las Vegas has a reputation as a neon-light city that doesn’t sleep, it’s more family-friendly than the ads promoting it might reveal. Jobs are one thing drawing new residents to this area, having seen a 2.6% increase in the number of jobs available last year, compared to 1.7% nationally.

Are you planning on buying a home in Las Vegas? Here are three home maintenance tips that will help you out in this unique city and landscape.

1. Keep Your AC in Good Shape

In August, temperatures in Las Vegas can go as high as 102 degrees F, with an average of about 90 degrees. Having a working air conditioner will not only ensure comfort, but safety in these extreme temperatures. Be wary of buying a home with an AC unit 15 years old or older; you will probably need to replace it soon, which will cost you several thousand dollars. Have someone check on your AC every year before the summer season, and keep your cooling costs lower by keeping doors and windows tightly closed.

2. Cactus/Rock Garden

Don’t let the casino palm trees fool you — Las Vegas is in a desert climate overall, and the region experiences hot, dry weather for most of the year. This type of weather does not particularly suit traditional landscaping. Instead of running up your bills pouring gallons of water onto your lawn every day, look for homes that have, or can easily be converted, into succulent and rock gardens. Plants like the desert marigold, cacti and weeping yucca thrive in this weather. Invest in a blend of desert-happy plants, and interesting rocks.

3. Great Communities Without the Cost

There are gated communities in the Henderson and Summerlin suburbs in which you can get much more for your money’s worth. Brandi Marchetti, in writing for Yahoo about her move to Las Vegas, points out that, “I live in a gated community in an apartment complete with walk-in closets, alarm systems, a large patio, and Jacuzzi tubs for less than $800 a month,” much more than she could have gotten in Michigan. If you like golf, many Summerlin homes for sale are located right next to courses you could enjoy on the weekend. This way, you can also have a beautiful view without the associated lawn maintenance!

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