Wake up with Less Pain 3 Easy Steps for Improving the Way You Sleep

Adjust a bed

We all know that getting a good night of sleep is not only important for living a healthy life, but helps us to feel better, be more productive and more energetic during the day. Unfortunately, some of us struggle to get a good night of sleep — whether it’s struggling to fall asleep, or waking up with pack and neck pain, getting a solid night of rest is easier said than done. In fact, the American Chiropractic Association estimates that 80-90 percent of the American population suffers from back pain. There’s a number of different things that can negatively influence your sleeping process, here’s a list of some common solutions to help you sleep better, so you can wake up experiencing less pain, and feeling rested and rejuvenated.

1) Try elevating your head or feet. When we sleep, sometimes our head or feet aren’t at the right elevation, causing our bodies to move into awkward positions while sleeping that can negatively influence the sleeping process. A slight incline at the head or feet of your bed can prevent you from bending your legs or curling into awkward positions that can cause unwanted back and neck pain.

2) Eat healthier. We are what we eat, and as it turns out, what we eat may effect how we sleep too. Researchers from the a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and found that an association between the number of calories consumed, and the quality of food we eat can affect how we sleep. On average, those who consume the most calories tend to sleep less hours than those who consume less calories. Try eating healthier and less calories each day to see if it helps to improve your quality of sleep.

3) Consider a sleep system bed. Sleep system beds are adjustable bed mattresses that provide more sleep comfort by allowing you to set the incline and firmness of the mattress to your desired specifications. Traditional flat, horizontal mattresses can cause your body to shift into improper posture or cramped positions as you sleep, and according to the National Sleep Foundation, an adjustable sleep system bed may help take pressure off of areas in the body that may make sleeping uncomfortable. On average, sleeping puts an extra 50 pounds of weight on your spine alone, and the benefits of adjustable beds allow you to take much of this added weight off your spine each night as you sleep.

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