Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

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So you’re engaged and the preparation for wedding plans has begun. About 30% of brides have 7-12 months to plan their wedding, but starting early is the key to success. Many brides hire a wedding planner to help them select the best wedding places available or to help with the organization, especially if the wedding is a large one. One thing to consider if hiring a wedding planner is to consider wedding planner packages. Wedding planner packages are a great way to tailor the expense to your needs. Many wedding planner packages range from consultation or getting a bride started all the way up to a full planning of the wedding.
Why Hire a Wedding Planner?
Wedding planners are the ultimate organizers. Since a bride has a lot else to do in her life than just planning her wedding, sometimes an extra pair of hands and a mind devoted solely to a wedding is necessary. Wedding planners can help take a vague or too expansive idea and pare it down to a beautiful and efficient wedding that will still match budget and taste exactly! They’re a great resource for saving money on vendors, like wedding cakes, wedding venues, florists, and more. They’re also diplomatic–if you and loved ones clash aesthetically, a wedding planner is sure to be able to find a solution that incorporates both of your styles.
What Kinds of Things Do Wedding Planners Take Care Of?
Wedding Venues
One major thing a wedding planner can assist with is choosing a wedding venue. The appearance of your wedding venue and reception will shape the atmosphere at both. Whether you want grand wedding halls, a more toned down banquet hall, or outdoor wedding places, a wedding planner will know ideal locations for each. Wedding planners will consider such things as adequate heating or cooling systems, indoor or outdoor seating for outdoor weddings and receptions, and areas that are good for themed weddings. Additionally, they can also help you find the best prices on your dream location or know how to make a less than ideal location a magical space.
One thing a wedding can never have too much of is organization, which require detailed scheduling. This is one aspect a wedding planner can make run smoothly. They’ll handle everything from vendors to the wedding party. For example, the wedding planner will check up on vendors to make sure things on that end are running smoothly–the cake is created and delivered on time, the florists have everything on schedule, and that the fittings for dresses and tuxes are right on time. They’ll also manage a timeline for the wedding day, keep a running contact list for both guests and vendors, and make a schedule for the wedding party. In essence, the wedding planner ensures that everything from start to finish runs like clockwork on your perfect day.
Hiring a wedding planner even for something as basic as consultation can be an excellent idea when it comes to your big day. It’s a good way to minimize stress, save money, and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

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