Wood Shed or Vinyl Shed? You Decide

Amish shed builders

Placing a shed in your backyard can increase property value, and more importantly, give you more space to store, or hide, your extra belongings. They can be valuable for housing old bikes, toys, gardening tools, lawnmowers, and a host of other outdoor supplies. These items would otherwise clutter the garage or be found clumped together behind your house.

For this reason, many people buy Amish built sheds from Amish shed builders. These sheds can either be pre-made or come as shed kits that you can put together. Depending on the size of the shed, Amish shed builders can transport all the pieces to your house and erect the shed onsite. The materials used to build the shed can vary from wood, which is more common, to vinyl or metal.

Picking the right kind of Amish storage shed for your home will depend on what you want out of the structure. Wood and vinyl are the more common Amish sheds on the market, and each of them come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Wood sheds are considered the most aesthetically pleasing, because they tend to blend in well with their surroundings. The sidings and beams used to build the wooden shed can often be stronger than a vinyl shed, and hold up well in seasonal climates. You can also paint a wooden shed to match your house or pick a color that contrasts it well, and change the paint color as desired. The downside of these sheds is that regardless of the paint color, you will need to repaint every 5 or 6 years. And while wood is the stronger material, it is subject to warping and can attract more insects, such as termites. The exterior has to be maintained properly for the wood shed to last you a long time.

Vinyl sheds typically come as kits that Amish shed builders can piece together one siding panel at at time. They are relatively maintenance-free, and can be easily cleaned by scrubbing the siding with a wet rag, or spraying it with a hose. Shed companies also often give you a lifetime warranty on vinyl sheds. You can order the shed in the color that would best match your house and never need to worry about repainting or refinishing the material, because it is weather resistant. But since they do not require as much upkeep, they tend to be more expensive than a wood shed. The average small 6′ X 6′ vinyl shed will cost you about $400 more than a wooden one. Vinyl sheds are also less attractive because of their plastic look.

The type of shed you choose will depend on your taste and the functionality you are looking for. Whether you go with vinyl or wood, these storage sheds are a useful organizational tool, and a fast solution to sorting out the heap of junk piled up in your backyard. Read more blogs like this: www.amishmike.com

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