Your Guide to Cremation

In this segment of the YouTube video “What happens when someone is cremated?”, the speaker delves into the cremation process followed by cremation companies, highlighting various aspects and advanced technologies involved. Families are provided with the option to be present during the cremation process, which can offer a sense of closure and therapy. The process commences by placing the deceased in a crematory, utilizing a body lift and container for this purpose.

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Throughout the cremation, families’ identification documents are maintained with the remains, ensuring accountability. The process is closely monitored and documented through a computer system, regulating temperature and duration to reduce the remains to ashes. After the removal of metal implants for recycling, bone fragments undergo processing and are returned to the family in an urn.

The video underscores the use of technological tools in the cremation process, including systems for identifying remains, eliminating smells and visible smoke, and refrigeration units for storing bodies before cremation. The crematory is equipped to handle up to approximately 70 human remains, demonstrating preparedness for mass casualty incidents.

Overall, the video emphasizes the importance of proper identification and handling of cremated remains, providing insight into the advanced technology employed in the cremation process to ensure respect and care for the deceased and their families.


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