How German Nutcrackers are Made

If you’ve ever wondered how a German nutcracker is made, you should keep reading. The Youtube video “How It’s Made: Nutcrackers” shows exactly how these are fabricated and how they evolved over time. Let’s find out more!

Centuries ago, nutcrackers were purely functional tools meant for opening nuts. However, by the early 15th century, wood carvers started creating beautiful pieces in the shapes of animals and people.

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German nutcracker-makers became renowned for their pieces, as they focused on making kings and soldiers, which inspired Tchaikovsky’s ballet.

Although there are tons of functional nutcrackers sold today, some German companies still follow the tradition of making them in wonderful shapes for decoration. Some of them can retail for hundreds of dollars. Mostly, they’re collectible items and buyers won’t use them for their original purpose. However, they work, as they have a lever in the back that opens and closes their mouths, which can crack any nut.

Many factories have a multi-blade circular saw that cuts out all the body parts from Lindenwood. The video shows how a block of this wood becomes the body of a nutcracker character.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about making a German nutcracker.


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