How High-end Painting Companies Take it Day by Day to Earn $800,000 a Year

If you’re considering starting a painting business, you must understand the trade fundamentals. Spend some time researching the painting business by determining the approximate cost of most projects and the average time required to paint a house. On his YouTube channel, “Painting Systems Blueprint,” Brian Reis, owner of Bellas army painting services, discusses his daily routine as a professional painter in a video titled “Daily Routine:$800,000 Painting Business at 25 Years Old.”

One of the first things to do is create a checklist of the day’s painting projects. Ascertain that you have all of the necessary painting contracts for the job.

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Keep track of the time required to complete each project to determine the average time needed to complete various projects.

Small painting companies are beginning to recognize that it is incredibly effective in their project management. Ascertain that you collaborate with a team of highly experienced painters capable of providing timely and high-quality painting services. Attempting to do everything yourself may prove ineffective, and you may eventually need to hire additional professionals to handle customer service, project management, and sales.


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