How to do Toilet Repairs

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Many homeowners will run into issues with their toilets at some point. If the problem is serious enough, a toilet repair service needs to be called. However, you don’t want to have to pay for professional service all of the time. This video shows how to fix toilet tank components on your own to save you time and money.

A toilet consumes a lot of water and small leaks in the tank can lead to inefficiency and wasted water. You won’t be able to notice the leaks without careful inspection because the water does not drip onto the floor.

The two main components in the tank are the flush valve and the fill valve. The most common problem is with the flush valve. The lid that seals the valve to keep water in the tank will become worn and be ineffective at sealing.

To repair this part, you simply need to buy a new flush valve lid for your model of toilet and replace the worn-out lid. Make sure that the chain that connects to your toilet handle’s lever is not too short or too long so that you can flush effectively and don’t run into the same leaking problem.

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