Tips for DIY Heating Repair

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Heating repair is a necessary part of home ownership. Even if you have the most well-maintained HVAC system, something usually happens that requires a bit of a fix. This video explains DIY methods for heating repair for you to use.

If you’re heating is going wrong, the first thing to do is to check your thermostat setting. Perhaps it is off. If it is on but still not producing heat, replace the batteries on your thermostat controller. Set the temperature to 10 degrees over your preferred setting to get a clear picture of whether or not the heater is producing heat.

If your heating continues to act up, check the thermostat with a temperature gauge to make sure that it is working properly. Sometimes the thermostat will not be able to get your home to the desired temperature because of something wrong with the temperature gauge.

The next step is to check the power to your heating unit. If the switch is off, turn it back on. If the switch continues to break, consult a professional. Check the master switches to your inside and outside units, too.

If things still aren’t working, reset your unit and change your ventilation filters. Make sure to check your home’s vents, too. They may be blocked by furniture or curtains.

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