Clogged Drain Hacks

Dinner is the biggest meal of the day for most people. Preparation often has to start far in advance to the meal itself. However, if you notice that your kitchen sink is plugged, this could create some problems. The sink is an important part of your kitchen. What would you do without it? Chances are, the drain won’t unplug on its own.

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You could call a reputable plumber, however it may be a few days before your drain is fixed. In this video, you will learn some hacks to quickly unplug your drain on your own before dinner.

If you have a cup plunger lying around, use it like you would a flanger toilet plunger to unplug the drain. Please don’t use the same plunger you use for a toilet. If you don’t have a plunger, take a metal wire coat hanger and straighten it out. Leave a small notch on the end and stick it in the drain. Feel for the cloggage and yank it on out of there. Next thing you know, your drain will be working good as new. It it takes is some ingenuity.


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