Different Types of Wooden Trusses

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Wooden trusses are the skeleton that form the structure of your home. There are multiple different types of trusses based on the home you are building. This video explores the different types of wooden trusses that you can use for your house.

The common truss is the most common and affordable truss used in timber framing. The lower tie beam joins two rafters at the bottom. This type of trust is the simplest, but has been used for hundreds of years, meaning you can count on it working perfectly for your home.

The next truss is a Queen Post. It’s similar to the common truss as it also uses a tie beam. Additionally, the Queen Post uses two posts in the gable area that give the truss its name. They add strength to the truss and highlight window placements in the gable.

The King Post is the third type of truss. There is one post that sits in the gable area with two struts on each side that add strength. The fourth type of truss is a hammer beam. It’s the most complex truss and it needs to be installed by a knowledgeable engineer.

The scissor truss is the final design. Two beams criss-cross each other to give it a unique look that doesn’t sacrifice strength or durability. For more information on the different types of trusses, check out the video in the link above.

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