Creating a Military Shadowbox

A shadowbox is like a really thick picture frame with a dark background. Inside are framed objects like medals. A military shadowbox commemorates the career of a soldier or sailor. Learn how to build your own military shadowboxes from the popular YouTube channel Dad It Yourself DIY.

Make a large picture frame 20 inches tall by 30 inches wide by two inches deep.

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Frames do not have to be square or rectangular, but they are the easiest to make. Place a wooden bar in the top left corner of the frame to make a triangle, so a folded flag will fit. Fold the flag into a triangle so it fits in the frame within a frame. A dry cleaner will press the flag flat if it is too bulky to fit.

Attach a piece of velveteen to the back panel with spray adhesive. Gather together all of the objects inside the shadowbox. These can be medals, special patches, or small photos. Spend time arranging them to see what pattern is most pleasing. Use a glue gun to fix the objects to the velveteen. The only object that does not need to be glued is the flag because the frame will hold it in place. Use a small vacuum to remove any sawdust, hair, or other debris from the velveteen. Place the face panel on the frame.

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