What Should Your Child Expect in Elementary School?

This video shows a day in a child’s life in elementary school. The day starts at 8:50 am. The arrival window allows students to enter the building and get to their classroom.

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If students live more than a mile and a half from school, they receive bus transportation. Students living less distance than that find other ways to get to school. Some walk, ride their bikes, and others are dropped off by their parents.

When students come into the elementary school and go to their classroom, they hang up their backpacks, coats, and unpack their materials. They may start with a morning activity until the bell rings at 9:05 am. The students learn in a variety of settings. They may learn from the teacher as they walk around the room. They may learn from each other, working in a group. There are many different seating arrangements from traditional school seating.

The core subjects are Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Don’t let your child be afraid of their first day of school. Go through what they should expect on their first day together. .

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