How to Easily Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is not that hard to prevent. It just take a little bit of effort every day to make a huge difference. In this video, you will learn some ways to easily prevent tooth decay. Further, if you have not already, please consider professional dental services.

One of the best tips is to rinse out your mouth after a meal. This helps remove food that was stuck in your teeth.

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Most importantly, it removes sugar and fermentable carbs. These are two of the major contributing factors to cavities. These sugars will lead to cavities if not removed. You may also want to rinse out your mouth with water after drinking soda. Soda has an extremely high sugar content. This sugar will simply sit on your teeth and cause them to rot if not removed. If you combine this fact with the fact that soda also has a lot of corrosive acid, you begin to get a picture how bad soda is for your oral health. In fact, it is corrosive enough to dissolve a nail over time. This leads us to another point. Be careful what you eat and drink. You would be surprised how much of a difference a small dietary change can make.


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