Mistakes Parents Make When They Rent School Instruments

Whether you plan to raise the next Motzart, or just need an instrument for your child to pass their music class, renting instruments is a process that should be taken seriously. This video explains some of the most common mistakes parents make when for band instrument rentals.

The first mistake that is made pertains to the quality of the instrument. Even though the instrument may look nice on the outside, the cheap material makes it extremely difficult for a child to learn.

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These instruments might be off-key and prevent the student from making any progress when learning them.

The next mistake parents make is not asking the rental service what their maintenance plan is. Every instrument will need to get repaired or tuned up and some businesses don’t provide that service even to students.

The last mistake a parent could make is renting from a place that doesn’t allow the student to trade in their instrument. Sometimes their role in the band changes, so band instrument rentals should allow the student to switch their old instrument for the new one to satisfy their new role.

The most important thing a parent must do before renting an instrument for their child is to do research on different rental services so they don’t run into these mistakes!

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